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    I am not a fan of the Governments idiotic Web filter, and I want it dropped

    the longer it is believed to be going ahead the more the Australian Government will be made an example of first it was the Australian Film & Classification Board website, then blocking educational websites, but allowing adult websites, tomorrow it will be an MPs email posted to the Net, exposing what a sham and a obvious waste of Taxpayer money this is!

    Ive told all my friends to change their DNS servers, So their ISPs DNS Servers have no control over their DNS requests (the computers/Servers that change into if you dont know what DNS is, GOOGLE IT!

    Australia needs Better Data Protection, and Privacy Laws. (Norway is an Excellent example, they have a data retention rate(deletion of personal information of websurfers e.g. IP addresses, their cookies(login info), personal data(submitted via form)) of 30 days/1 month)

    Australia needs to promote more Open Source Software for e.g. (Which are constantly updated) (Non profite US foundation)Mozillas Firefox, (Open Source and worlds most trusted/used Search engine)Googles Chrome, or (From the home of Norway and is also Constantly updated)Opera and not use the Insecure, flawed Internet Explorer (unlike, IE, which is updated once every couple of years or updates are sent out every couple months)

    All Australias ISPs need to promote the above Browsers, Promote Anti-Spam tools, and Promote Encryption Services(512bits, 1024bits, right through to 10,000bits — No more 128bit SSL crap) so All Australians Internet access can be secured.

    I am 18, and a University Student and I love the Internet     dont put this filtering crap on, because I wont have it! I will encrypt my surfing and I will tell all my friends to change their ISP and DNS Servers if I have too

    I would of voted for the Rudd on the basis he said he would build faster Internet, but you cant build ‘World-class broadband’ if it is going to be slowed by 86-92%

    The Australian Government should of also promote BitTorrent to effectively distribute digital material or information/booklets and setup their own tracker, and post torrents to their Governmental websites, and setup tracker with address:

    [Inappropriate content deleted]

    and the State of Victoria is better than Sydney and Queensland Nerrrrrrrrr lol <3<3

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