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Asa and Mandy

Submission Text:

Why don’t we create a web2.0 environment where people can access government information in ways which will encourage them to debate, deconstruct and ultimately re-shape government policy. Wouldn’t it be great if young people had the tools, the data and the functionality at their finger tips to actually get excited about the possibility of making a difference.

Imagine being able to pull, or ‘drag and drop’ or ‘google map’ or ‘blog’ or ‘twitter’ or ‘thatthingthathasn’tbeendevelopedyet’ together information about your community, suburb, city, town, state, country, street which enables you to argue for an alternate viewpoint e.g.

i) petitioning the government to build a new high school to meet the needs of a growing community based on re-purposed/re-interpreted data, forward projections, ‘modeling’ made publicly available and ‘mashable’ c/o the GOVERNMENT

Imagine an environment that encourages everyone (those ‘born’ digital and those born analogue) to create new ‘bits of fucntionality’ that help people create their own policy and counter-policy?

We all come to the world through a different lens…let’s put the public record back in the hands of the public…let’s give the public the tools and the functionality to connect with government held data and re-purpose it in ways which are meaningful, intimate and empowering. Let’s give the public the opportunity to contribute to this funntionality and these tools. Let’s turn government inside out…

Government of the People, by the People, for the People.

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