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Project 9: Preservation of Web 2.0 Content

Recordkeeping Innovation examined the preservation and record-keeping challenges raised by the use of Web 2.0 tools by agencies, and concluded that a more expansive view of information management is needed and that clearer guidance needs to be provided to agencies about how to effectively capture appropriate records from social media and online engagement tools. To support these objectives, the report also suggested the introduction of more business focused definition of records under the Archives Act and minimum standards for records management in contract with cloud computing vendors. The report also considered the challenges such as recordkeeping in crowd-sourcing projects, co–authorship, engaging with ‘the cloud’ and the need for appropriate disposal of information and FOI proactive disclosure.

Author Comments

The paper introduces the preservation of Web 2.0 content by placing the subject in the broader international recordkeeping context and considers what it is that we are we trying to manage and preserve, and how we identify and approach the challenges in that broader context. Web 2.0 content presents similar (and yet more) challenges for preservation and recordkeeping in the digital world and the paper highlights the risk at the heart of our technological dependence of digital records. The paper suggests the need for debate on how digital recordkeeping challenges undermine government accountability and expresses concern in particular at a lack of leadership by Information Management professionals in remedying this.

In considering what is new with Web 2.0 and what new approaches are needed the paper works through a set of specific tools, techniques and recommendations. The paper provides guidance on what we should care about in web 2.0 content in the context of Blogs, Wikis, Web Pages, Twitter, FaceBook, You Tube, Slideshare, Flickr as well as more generally used collaborative software.

The paper considers challenges such as recordkeeping in crowd sourcing projects and co-authorship as well as issues involved in engaging with ‘the Cloud’ including Privacy and Security. Other issues are introduced for consideration such as the need for appropriate Disposal of Information and FOI Proactive Disclosure. The paper also explores the related of the Open Access Agenda and considers implications for Data sets within that framework. The paper concludes with a set of summarized recommendations for action to specifically address preservation of Web 2.0 content and indeed raise the level of performance recordkeeping in the public arena.

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