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Project 14: Social media for Emergency Management

NGIS investigated leading and emerging best practice in relation to the use of social media for improving location enabled information sharing between emergency management agencies and the affected community. The report showcased a number of useful examples and also provided a roadmap for future work, recommending the need for further targeted R&D, promotion and implementation trials in this area.

Author comments

Taking our lead from the Taskforce, and in the spirit of the subject matter, we have been committed to conducting this project ‘out in the open’ and actively seeking input from the crowd.

With a very short project timeline, we relied to a large degree on the input from two key target stakeholder groups – the EM professional community and the 2.0 community.  This led to a ‘short, sharp and snappy’ stakeholder engagement model with crowdsourced input contributing to all deliverables & outcomes, with the beginnings of a community of interest around our website ( as a hoped-for added outcome of the project.

What we learned was that at a ‘practitioner’ level, there are many fantastic people, ideas and initiatives. What is needed is more coordination, promotion, executive awareness raising, targeted R&D and implementation trials.

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  1. 2010 April 11

    Excellent report. This will be useful in the relaunch of the Resilient Nation Australia project with a long-term strategy to equip communities to be better equipped to prepare for, survive and recover from disasters through developing and distributing contextually-relevant information to communities in collaboration with emergency management agencies and perhaps even longer-term in harnessing the necessary expertise to provide input on urban planning to make communities more resilient against disasters, even looking at self-sustaining communities, microgrid technology etc.

  2. 2010 April 11
    Madeleine Kingston permalink


    The proposal to use Gov2 to enhance coordination and information exchange on emergency response initiatives is really terrific. I am interested in emergency response protocols and know that improvements will go down really well.

    Innovative communication technology will make all the difference

    I am waiting with crossed fingers for news of the Government’s decision on this important innovative initiative.



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