This site was developed to support the Government 2.0 Taskforce, which operated from June to December 2009. The Government responded to the Government 2.0 Taskforce's report on 3 May 2010. As such, comments are now closed but you are encouraged to continue the conversation at


The Government 2.0 Taskforce funded 17 projects from its Project Fund. These projects were divided into three rounds: the first and second rounds involved the Taskforce seeking proposals on various projects it wished to commission, while the third round was an open call for project ideas.

In addition to the projects listed below, the Taskforce engaged the services of a public relations consultant to assist with promoting the taskforce’s draft report (Project 12) and funded the development of the website by the OpenAustralia Foundation (Project 17), which will provide improved citizen access to local government planning applications (the source code for this website will also be made available for re-use and adaption to other government scenarios under an open source license). The Taskforce also requested quotes for a series of hypotheticals (Project 11), but decided not to proceed with this project due to logistical constraints.

The outputs of each project will be published on this page once they are available. A summary of each project, project briefs where available and copies of the project outputs are provided below:

Project Summary Project Brief RTF Project Report
Project 1: Enhancing the discoverability and accessibility of government information Project 1 Brief RTF (43k) Project 1 Report DOC (643k)
Project 2 and 3: Identify key barriers within agencies to Government 2.0 and survey of Australian Government Web 2.0 practices Project 2 Brief RTF (45k)
Project 3 Brief RTF (54k)
Project 2 and 3 Final Report DOC (1266k)
Project 4: Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Project 4 Brief RTF (55k) Project 4 Report DOC (592k)
Project 5: Early Leadership in Semantic Web Project 5 Brief RTF (48k) Project 5 Final Report DOC (3623k)
Project 6: The value of Public Sector Information for cultural institutions Project 6 Brief RTF (56k) Project 6 Report RTF (116k)
Project 6 Additional Technical Paper DOC (331k)
Project 6 Additional Technical Paper PDF (175k)
Project 7: Whole of Government Information Publication Scheme Project 7 Brief RTF (75k) Project 7 Report DOC (563k)
Project 8: Online Engagement Guidance and Web 2.0 Toolkit for Australian Government Agencies Project 8 Brief RTF (92k) Project 8 Guidelines DOC (2000k)
Project 8 Toolkit Blueprint DOC (1389k)
Project 9: Preservation of Web 2.0 Content Project 9 Brief RTF (79k) Project 9 Report DOC (260k)
Project 10: Framework for Stimulating Information Philanthropy in Australia Project 10 Brief RTF (77k) Project 10 Report DOC (743k)
Project 13: Government 2.0 Governance and Institutions: Embedding the 2.0 Agenda in the Australian Public Service Project 13 Brief RTF (75k) Project 13 Report DOC (451k)
Project 14: Social Media for Emergency Management Unavailable Project 14 Report DOC (6217k)
Project 15: ALRC Family Violence Consultation Project Unavailable Project 15 Report DOC (1791k)
Project 16: OpinionWatch Analysis Unavailable Project 16 Report DOC (2461k)
Project 18: Whole of government video service scoping study Unavailable Project 18 Report (3707k)
Project 19: Online Engagement Review Unavailable Project 19 Report DOC (212k)
Project 19 Report PDF (5116k)