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Neil Henderson


If we can imagine our new web 2.0 world a few years from now where multiple agencies are delivering (and consuming) web 2.0 services. We need them to be doing this using a subset of underlying capabilities (authentication, taxonomy, service catalogue, technical standards, etc…) which are common across all our web 2.0 systems. Note that I’m not suggesting that all capabiltiies are common – just those which it makes sense to share. Some of these are ‘barriers’ today and should be uncovered by the project to “identify key barriers”, but could we have one of the projects identify what should be shared capabilities in this web 2.0 world?
As others have commenetd the challenge is to have these capabilities delivered and managed as shared capabilities in a federal government world – but we need to set the bar and see how high we (the APS) are willing to jump.

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Posted August 18, 2009  1:56 pm