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Structured Brainstorming Competition: Congratulations to all our winners!

2009 November 19
by Peter Alexander [Taskforce Secretariat]

The Structured Brainstorming competition we ran through our IdeaScale page was a great experiment in reaching out to the crowd and seeing what ideas they (you!) had to contribute to the work of the Taskforce.  There were some intriguing ideas put forward, including suggestions for new Government projects and services that have provided us with some food for thought. Today I’m happy to announce the winners of the first two prize categories on offer (with the Not for Profit PSI and Web 2.0 Accessibility Makeover category winners on track to be announced in early December).

To refresh your memory, the first round of the contest had two categories with prizes attached. The Brainstorming category was aimed at project ideas that the Taskforce could fund in line with its terms of reference. Meanwhile, in the Gov 2.0 Innovators category we were looking for nominations for agencies, projects or individuals who have done valuable work and have been champions for the Gov 2.0 cause. When judging both of these categories the Taskforce took into account both your voting and the quality of the ideas themselves.

And the winners are…

Brainstorming Category

There were two winning ideas in this category, both nominated by Brad Peterson.  They were:

The Taskforce would like to congratulate Brad for these ideas. They are great examples of practical initiatives which could help the Australian Government improve its online presence and help Australia in the move towards open government.

And Brad, if you’re reading this, we’ve tried to get in touch with you but haven’t been able to…please send us an email from the account you used to submit the ideas so we can get you your prizes!

Gov 2.0 Innovators

This was an interesting one. After giving it some consideration, the Taskforce couldn’t narrow it down to just one winner. So instead we have three, spread across different categories:

In the view of the Taskforce, ABC Pool is a great example of a publicly-funded agency using Web 2.0 tools to revolutionise the way it does business. Mosman Municipal Council deserves recognition for its impressive Community Engagement Strategy, which involves using a range of online tools and techniques to reach out to the local community and involve them in the business of government. In the individual category, Craig Thomler is notable for his tireless and enthusiastic commentary and involvement in the Gov 2 space in Australia, through his blog eGov AU and other channels.

Thanks to j2.coates for submitting the ABC Pool and Mosman City Council nominations, and Nathanael Boehm for nominating Craig Thomler. We’ll be getting in touch with the winners soon to talk about awarding their prizes, as discussed in the original Gov 2 Innovators blog post.

As well as congratulating our winners in both categories, the Taskforce would like to thank everyone who submitted an idea, or commented or voted on ideas. Government 2.0 is all about the interaction between people and their government, and from our point of view the engagement and enthusiasm of the online community has been an inspiration to the Taskforce as it goes about its work.

5 Responses
  1. 2009 November 19
    Alexander Sadleir permalink

    Is there likely to be any action on those 2 excellent ideas? I’d especially love some Creative Commons licensed access to XML government gazettes!

  2. 2009 November 19
    Jimi Bostock permalink

    Great and worthy winners across the board (even if Craig does not like our video project :) . Craig’s blog is a must, if not the must, destination for insights into the things we are all thinking about.

    The ABC is also a worthy winner. We are blessed to have them, despite what Mr Murdoch says, and they lead us all on by shining light on the things we can do. All power to them.

    Most importantly, as a member of this community, can I congratulate the TF on yet another amazing effort. Totally supurb and will be an example of crowd-sourcing for a long time. What with this and the mash-ups and all the reports, my head is starting to spin. So, well done TF, keep it up, your nearly there, to the first post at least :)

  3. 2009 November 23

    Congratulations to the “Whole” Pool team for this award. Great news and such a worthy accolade to the team behind Pool and its community of contributors.


  4. 2009 November 28
    Felx the Cat permalink

    There are some terrific ideas here.

    And, I imagine, from the other competitions also.

    Are the original winning reports going to be made available….?

    Will Microsoft allow this?

    Or, will the enthusiasm and energy disappear into some creative black hole in exchange for a trivial trinket from Seattle.

    Please, tell me why this is wrong Nick.



    Nice visualisation of a black hole:

  5. 2009 December 7

    We recently launched ParticipatedDB (alpha), a collaborative catalogue for online tools for participation. I’ve added the Government 2.0 Taskforce e-consultations to our list of projects:

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