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Over the Rainbow – Not for Profit PSI Project Ideas

2009 October 9
by Peter Alexander [Taskforce Secretariat]

The not-for-profit sector constantly juxtaposes visionary ideas for improving society against a reality of limited resources and expertise – including cheap and timely access to relevant public sector information.

But what if we could change one of the ground rules by opening up public sector data sets for use in a not-for-profit setting?  What possibilities for improving our society and our democracy would this seemingly simple mind-shift open up?

Rather than waiting around for this to happen, the Taskforce has decided to run another contest to fast-track the generation of ideas for using public sector data in a not-for-profit setting, and help the winner turn this idea into a project proposal.

Category Prize

The Taskforce will select the best idea(s) for using public sector information in a not for profit setting and award a cash donation of $5,000 to a charity/not-for-profit organisation of the winner’s choice.  The winner(s) (or their nominated not-for-profit organisation) will be provided assistance from Connecting Up Australia to scope their idea as project proposal that the Taskforce can consider funding from the Project Fund.

Entries for the competition are due by 5pm, October 30 5Pm, November 6, although after that we’ll leave the IdeaScale page open and running for continued discussion and participation.

Also note that as before all submissions will be subject to the IdeaScale Terms and Conditions, which also has instructions about how to create an account for our IdeaScale page.

Visit Government 2.0 Taskforce Ideas – Not For Profit PSI

10 Responses
  1. 2009 October 9

    G’Day Peter,

    Are you after formal, legally recognised not-for-profits and charities or people who are doing things because they can that don’t generate revenue?


    • 2009 October 10


      We were thinking the former but I don’t see any problem with the later being included and considered. I think it is more the intent of what is being done – by that I mean for the public good, with some socially responsible aim, in the sense of the NFP and charity sector.


  2. 2009 October 9

    Hmmmm, got us thinking…
    An exciting opportunity nonetheless.

    David @ Twenty10

  3. 2009 October 11


    A great idea to move forward.

    Could I add a possible addition to the already great idea you are putting forward. In my research I am finding data or a particular analysis of that data does not exist. I very much suspect that I am not the only one who is looking.

    It would be interesting for organisations to be able to submit the data / information that they are looking for in order to identify areas of common demand. Community projects could then be initiated where there is common demand for data – with some projects funded or supported by Government agencies, if aligned with their interests.

    Great work


  4. 2009 October 12
    Tina permalink

    Hi there,
    can you post about how to enter the comp?

    • 2009 October 17
      Peter Alexander permalink


      You just click the link at the end of the blog post and go to the ideascale site and enter there.


  5. 2009 October 16

    Currently, the FullCAM3 model used by the Department of Climate Change to predict tree growth has insufficient data.
    If the federal government made available all its data on tree growth as well as the data from state governments then not for profit environmental groups would use the information to plant more native trees for carbon credits.
    The return from the sale of the carbon credits would then be used for more revegetation.

  6. 2009 October 30

    Please note that the contest deadline has now been extended a week until 5PM November 6. We’ve updated this blog post and the contest Terms and Conditions page to reflect this.

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