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Innovate, Mash, Camp: Govt 2.0 Contest Update

2009 September 22
by Mia Garlick

A while back, we outlined some of the contests we hoped to hold that would demonstrate gov2.0 objectives, engage the community and be fun.

Given some months (and lots of work) has now elapsed, it seems timely to give a little update about where we are up to…

# a government innovation contest:

The government innovation contest was launched in early September, along with a structured brainstorming contest and a dataset nomination contest. These closed two days ago, on Sunday 20 September, and we had a great response. Thank you!! The results from these contests will be announced shortly.

# an open access to PSI + the ‘tools of liberation’ contest:


This is the one that I personally am most excited about. We are on track for launching this, possibly as early as next week. The combined forces of the Secretariat and my colleagues at DBCDE (thanks Judi and James) have been hard at work securing the agreement of at least 12 (yep, count them) federal agencies and at least four (possibly more) out of our seven states and territories to release datasets for use in the contest … (drum roll) in RDF, XML, JSON, CSV or XLS formats and under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia license.

Consistent with global trends for the release of government data and a significant achievement for a country with Crown Copyright and without (presently, at least) a national information policy, we have enough people working with foresight within our federal and state governments who were happy to release data for this contest on real open access terms/formats.

# NEW NEW NEW: mashup camp(s)

We realise that data doesn’t just mash itself up. We also want to bring the community together to share and collaborate. In an effort to do this, we are working on organising at least one mashup camp to be held in Sydney in late October/ early November. We also hope to hold one in Canberra in mid-October. Just to give y’all a heads up that we are trying to give you a formal forum to get your innovative juices flowing to mashup the data that we have liberated.

# a makeover:

Unfortunately, this contest will not be going ahead. We haven’t been able to get enough agencies interested in sufficient time to allow this to be completed during the Taskforce’s lifetime (which ends in December). All experience is good experience though and it shows us all how challenging it can be to get the necessary sign-offs for new and innovative ideas within a short time-frame within government.

More soon….feedback welcome….

2 Responses
  1. 2009 September 23

    Hi Mia and Taskforce,

    This is wonderful news! Thanks for the update. It is great to see things progressing and I look forward to seeing the outcomes from the competitions. There is a lot of excitement and energy in Australia and it is wonderful to have a facilitating body like the Taskforce (and Secretariat) to get things happening!

    Pia Waugh
    (Office of Senator Kate Lundy)

  2. 2009 September 27
    simonfj permalink

    That’s great mia,

    Do you think (in the interests of some ‘viral marketing’) you could list the progressives and their datasets so I (we) could start pointing at them and give some creatives a chance to come up with some bright ideas?

    And if yu could consider doing a link up between remote sites, a la pia @ publicsphere 3, we might start aligning the web 2.0 stuff with some real time communications. Ta.

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