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Allocating the project fund: we want your ideas

2009 September 22
by Peter Alexander [Taskforce Secretariat]

The Taskforce is still looking for new ways to allocate the Project Fund to fund worthy projects. We’ve already received a number of proposals by email, and we’re considering each on its own merits.

But we want to hear more of your ideas, so in this blog post we’re putting out the call to any interested parties: if you have a proposal for a project that the Taskforce can fund, send us an email and let us know. You need to send it to us in the form of a project proposal of a couple of pages length, so include details like:

  • details of the individual/company providing the quote
  • names and qualifications of key people who will work on the project
  • a brief description of your capabilities/credentials to undertake the work, including past experience doing projects of a similar kind or in a similar area and contact details for two referees who can verify your claims
  • a brief description of you proposed approach to the project, including key project milestones and methodologies you intend to use
  • a budget and a breakdown of key areas of expenditure for the project
  • what contribution (financial or services) you are willing to make to the project
  • the name and phone number of the authorised person for further enquiries
  • any potential conflict of interest that you wish to declare

Our focus here is going to be on funding projects which directly further the Taskforce’s aims – for more information see our Terms of Reference. We’ll try to give full consideration to other project proposals but can’t necessarily promise anything. But in any case we look forward to hearing your ideas on how the Taskforce can use the Project Fund to further the Gov 2 cause in Australia.

The closing date for proposals to be promised consideration is 16 October 2009. After that we may be able to look at them but can’t promise anything.

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  1. 2009 September 22

    Hi Peter, I think the last link in the post, Terms of Reference, may be pointing to the wrong location.



  2. 2009 September 23

    Hi Peter,

    Will the taskforce be making all the proposals received public – at least in summary – so that others can see what has been submitted?

    It could help others shape their proposals to reduce overlap, or link up people and organisations with similar ideas.

    • 2009 September 23

      Craig – we can’t release details about individual proposals but we’re happy to give a summary of the type of proposals we’re getting – eg. one about copyright, or discoverability, or building an app, or so on. That would probably be done by updates to this blog post.

  3. 2009 September 24
    Fergus Hogarth permalink

    Hi there
    Is there a closing date for project fund ideas?

  4. 2009 September 29


    Remember if you are successful in being selected to undertake a project by the Taskforce you will need to enter a contract with Microsoft (the source of the project fund).

    Follow this link to the project fund page where we have made available a copy of the draft contract with Microsoft.


  5. 2009 October 30
    Nish permalink

    Hi all,

    Have their been any outcomes / decisions made ?

  6. 2009 November 23
    Chris permalink

    Just a thought, how about poll (agree/disagree, short comment why) page here. It should cover all issues put before parliament, and reviewed. Broad opinions could be tabled as graphs, and the underlying context behind the opinion of the individual could be used to assess sociological trends. Anonymity, and IP logging, could reduce erronous data.

  7. 2009 November 24


    We received a lot of really interesting ideas in response to our request for project proposals, but due to the short lifespan of the Taskforce we had to narrow our focus to projects that can be completed quickly and will assist the Taskforce in addressing its terms of reference or providing a useful case study.

    The Taskforce has therefore decided to commission another five “Round 3” projects in addition to those announced in Round 1 and Round 2:

    Project 15: ALRC Family Violence Consultation Project: Headshift are working with the ALRC to help then run an online engagement pilot.

    Project 16: OpinionWatch Analysis: Social Change Online will conduct “sentiment analysis” of the Taskforce submissions and feedback using NICTA’s OpinionWatch technology.

    Project 17: Planning Alerts: OpenAustralia Foundation have been funded to continue development on their website.

    Project 18: Whole of Government Video Service Scoping Study: Vquence and Jimi Bostock are investigating options for a whole of Government video service.

    Project 19: Online Engagement Review: Collabforge are reviewing the effectiveness of the online engagement tactics of the Taskforce.

    You may also hear some more about these projects here on the blog or elsewhere, since several of the vendors have indicated that they want to reach out to the online community as they carry out their work.

  8. 2009 November 25

    This was clearly a hard call, but I must say that seeing yet another government funding project that excludes issues of cultural diversity is a bit disappointing. Our organisation is happy to collaborate in this regard with any of the funded groups.

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