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Submit a quote for our round two projects

2009 September 17
by Nicholas Gruen

The Taskforce is currently considering the various quotes we received for our first round of projects and will get the ball rolling on those as soon as possible. But today we’re releasing briefs and asking for quotes on our second round of projects.

This set of projects is about two things: giving the Taskforce inputs that we can use in our final report, and building up agency capabilities in the Web 2.0 space.

Individuals and firms with relevant capabilities are invited to submit quotes to undertake these projects on behalf of the Taskforce.  The usual Fine Print is here, with some changes from the round one tendering process.  Ignore it at your own risk.

We’ve decided to change the process we used for the round one projects. This time, instead of specifying a price for each project, for some we’re giving you an estimated range of what we think the project should cost, for others we’re not providing an estimated budget at all because we don’t want to shape your ideas of the scope.  You may want to give us a quote with a few separate pricing options that we can choose from and to ‘think aloud’ for our benefit. Either way, we’re open to your ideas and want to take a flexible approach to how we deal with quotes. We’re perfectly willing to go back to you and discuss your quote if we think you have a good proposal which just needs some tweaking.

Details of the requirements for each of the round two projects are contained in the project proposal briefs below, which you can download in PDF or RTF format. Note, we are considering the round one projects as projects one through six, and these as projects seven through 13.

If you submit by 4pm AEST on Tuesday 22nd September 2009 we undertake to give your proposal full and fair consideration.  Submit after that time by all means. If your submission is a stand out and there’s still time, we may consider it, but we can’t promise anything.

Project Proposal Briefs

7. Whole of Government Information Publication Scheme

8. Online Engagement Guidance and Web 2.0 Toolkit for Australian Government Agencies

9. Preservation of Web 2.0 Content

10. Framework for Stimulating Information Philanthropy in Australia

11. Hypotheticals — Ethical and Cultural Challenges of Digital Engagement by Government

12. Promoting the Government 2.0 Taskforce and Agenda

  • Deliverable: Implementing a public relations strategy plus accompanying reports
  • Deadline: 30/09/09 (report on strategy)
  • Deadline: 30/11/09 (final report)
  • Project 12 Brief RTF (76k)
  • Project 12 Brief PDF (21k)

13. Government 2.0 Governance and Institutions: Embedding the 2.0 Agenda in the Australian Public Service

4 Responses
  1. 2009 September 18
    simonfj permalink

    That’s great Nic,

    Can I just think out loud here for a sec. The one thing I really need, and so do so many others who are just technically minded people, is some idea of when we can expect AGOSP to be ‘delivered’ (I call it a Lifelong Learning account because Open government to you is Open education to me) . I have tried since it was initiated to get some idea of what was happening, and what was the strategy in mind.

    So many of the problems in changing the us and them culture is based around this one thing. E.g. If we want to vote on the ideascale, we all want to know that we can only cast a vote once. At the same time many of the functions that you (and Pia) are strapping together by using a US network via a Web interface can be built pretty simply (on, say aarnet) and be used to be inclusive, and keep a record which is necessary for government. If there is anyway you could do an entry which explains where AGOSP is up to I can at least start pointing some of my techie friends at it so we can begin to consider how to bring some distributed conferencing tools to remote Australian tables.

  2. 2009 October 2
    Bill Caelli permalink

    Trying to see where the vital topic of cyber security fits into this overall project. The number of recent USA reports on the insecurity of Web 2 technologies, products and systems, including those by the USA’s Federal Government itself, is truly amazing and the general concensus is that a base hardening of both client and server systems is a first level requirements before any Government Web 2.0 initiatives get underway. I was trying to find which project group was involved in this.

    PS: Any contactual obligations in this regard concerning the security and resilience of any Government Web 2 initiatives with a supplier, as alleged, to the Commonwealth and not directly with the Commonwealth would be a totally unacceptable for obvious reasons. I have therefore assumed that NO ICT SUPPLIER to the Commonwealth is involved in this, particularly where matters related to cryptographic sub-systems, authentication schemes, multi-level confidentiality structures and the like to be used by the Commonwealth.

  3. 2009 October 29


    The vendors for the round two projects have now been chosen. They are:

    Project 7: Whole of Government Information Publication Scheme: eKnowledge Structures

    Project 8: Online engagement guidance and web 2.0 Toolkit: Headshift

    Project 9: Preservation of Web 2.0 Content: Recordkeeping Innovation

    Project 10: Framework for Stimulating Information Philanthropy in Australia: Philanthropy Australia

    Project 12: Promoting the Government 2.0 Agenda: cp communications

    Project 13: Government 2.0 Governance and Institutions: Embedding the 2.0 Agenda in the Australian Public Service: Heuris Partners

    An additional project has been commissioned by the taskforce as part of the round two process:

    Project 14: Social media for Emergency Management: NGIS Australia

    You may also hear some more about these projects here on the blog or elsewhere, since several of the vendors have indicated that they want to reach out to the online community as they carry out their work. The outputs of these projects will also be released once they are complete.

    • 2009 November 4

      There is a thread on the Gov 2.0 Australia mailing list that people can contribute ideas about Project 8. I’m currently focused on the list of use cases we are developing to help shape our scope, but if people would like to provide input project 8 more broadly, they are welcome to get in touch.

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