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Suggest a dataset – IdeaScale competition part three

2009 September 8
by Peter Alexander [Taskforce Secretariat]

It’s been interesting to watch the activity on the Taskforce’s IdeaScale page. There’s been some great ideas put forward and some productive discussion going on — keep it up! Today we open the third (and last one for now) category in our structured brainstorming:  Datasets.

We are seeking your suggestions for datasets to be made available under the open access to public sector information principle (such as the Australian Toilet Map). These datasets will form the basis for our upcoming mashup competition.

Feel free to nominate a dataset from any level of government – state/territory, local or federal.  Some suggestions might include:

  • Traffic data
  • Crime statistics
  • Postcode boundaries
  • Passport office locations
  • Pollution reports

Stuck for ideas?  Not sure if your desired dataset exists? You may want to browse some government sites to discover what data is already stored and published online by government:

Note that we are not seeking mashups just yet, only ideas for datasets to be made available.

While we can not guarantee to make all nominated datasets available, if a popular dataset cannot be released, we will tell you the reason why wherever possible.

Category Prize

No prizes will be awarded in this category, although we may include the best suggested datasets in the final report of the Taskforce. And we’re hoping your suggestions give us some ideas about how to make our upcoming mashup competition even better. But please note that the competition closing date of 5PM September 20 still applies to the Datasets category. The reason for this is that we’re going to need some time to actually look into your suggested datasets…

Also note that as before all submissions will be subject to the IdeaScale Terms and Conditions, which also has instructions about how to create an account for our IdeaScale page.

Visit Government 2.0 Taskforce Ideas – Datasets

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  1. 2009 September 8

    Court documents – eg statements of claims. Currently the Federal Court allows default access to court documents unless there is a confidentiality ruling (link). The Court even has a e-filing system which shows you all the filings for each court case (link). There is no online access to these documents though, you have to apply to the registrar. This isn’t a problem for professional journalists, but if you want to encourage citizen journalism, bloggers providing informed analysis of important cases, you need to make it free and easy to access court documents.

    For an example of how well it can be done, see the US Justia website, which looks like it is a privately owned website providing easy access to US court filings. See eg, here, all the documents relating to a copyright case about google’s online publishing of books. Here is a 2005 blog post analysing the copyright arguments being made in the statements of claim, informed legal analysis and discussion of matters of public importance years before any judgment is written and released.

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