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Government 2.0 Taskforce Guest Blogger Policy

2009 July 12
by Nicholas Gruen

During the life of this Taskforce we will invite a range of people with interesting views and perspectives to bring to the Government 2.0 debate to submit guest blog posts on specific issues. We intend this to add to the debate and encourage discussion.

There is very strong interest in the work of the Taskforce and due only to resource limitations we are not at present accepting unsolicited blog posts. This is not intended to stifle the debate and we encourage participation through comments on the blog and through other tools that will come online as the work of the Taskforce proceeds.

We will be running regular open threads on which people can talk about whatever they wish providing it conforms with our moderation policies seems reasonably relevant to the work of the Taskforce.

If you wish to nominate someone whom you think can contribute as a guest blogger please e-mail us on stating who you feel we should invite to post and why. Include their name and contact details, as well as the topic on which you think they can contribute, and links to existing on-line work or references to offline work. If we invite a guest post, we will nevertheless reserve the right to decide subsequently whether we wish to publish the post on this blog.

Posts should preferably be approximately 500-1000 words and written in blog style (conversational, provocative, engaging, preferably with links to other resources).  They should  focus on some microcosm of our agenda and how it relates to the issues of Government 2.0

The author of the guest post should follow the comments on their post and engage with readers by responding to comments.

As you would expect, posts will reflect the authors views and will not necessarily be those of the Taskforce.

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  1. 2009 July 22

    Just wondering if these sites are known to each other as both are asking for responses from the public. Which is the ‘official’ site to follow?

    • 2009 July 23
      Taskforce Secretariat permalink

      Hi Joan,

      The site linked to in your user name is not affiliated with the Taskforce or the Australian Government.

      You can follow all the developments of the Taskforce through this blog at


      Taskforce Secretariat

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