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Congratulations Ben Crothers – designer of our banner and logo!

2009 July 10
by Nicholas Gruen

Well I must say, I’m excited.  At a meeting of the Taskforce yesterday, there were lots of different views about which designs were best.  Some wanted to have images of people in the design. Isn’t Web 2.0 about people? Others thought the design with Parliament House was fitting for our theme. Others agreed with a commenter, that a picture of Parliament House – perhaps a picture of any building – wasn’t quite ‘getting it’ about Web 2.0.

Then there were your votes.  Nick Morton’s design was well represented in the voting, but Ben Crothers’ designs, considered as a whole were even more popular.  His four designs scored 30% of the vote, but of those four, the three in the family chosen (see illustrations above) scored nearly a quarter of the votes.  For reasons already explained, we didn’t intend to stick rigidly to the popular vote if it led us too far astray from our own sense of what was best, but we were pleased that our own collective judgement seemed to line up with the collective judgement of our audience.

Speaking personally I am very excited about the wining designs.  Given what it takes to come up with a logo, you wonder how we keep getting good ones.  I mean how many compelling new ways are there that combine some simple image like the shape of our continent using only a few dots, or simple shapes and colours?  But I think designs 10, 11 and 12 do it simply and compellingly.  I can’t be sure what the designer intended, but to me the logo captures the idea of the diversity of Web 2.0.  And it’s fresh.   I think it looks terrific.  We’ll be in touch with Ben Crothers with a view to using all the designs he’s provided and or variants of them.  And we’ll be acknowledging his work, as I’m doing here.

So thanks everyone for sending in your ideas and your handiwork, thanks and congratulations to Ben for what I think is a fabulous design and a great outcome.

Postscript: I’ve just rung Ben and given him the good news. He drew my attention to the supporting text he’d sent in with his entry which is as follows. “The idea behind the circles is again conversations and interactions popping up around the country, with the ‘water pools’ evoking ‘ripple effect’, harmonising with each other and rippling through each other.  The colour implies variety, optimism and vitality.”  That was certainly the message I took from it.

Ben Crothers’ designs are below the fold (and now above us on our banner!). His website is here.




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  1. 2009 July 10

    Congrats Ben. Now that’s out of the way, we can turn our focus to what the Gov 2.0 taskforce will actually produce.

  2. 2009 July 10

    Great Choice!

  3. 2009 July 11
    professorbrianfitzgerald permalink

    Congratulations to all of the participants. My suggestion to our Chair Nicholas Gruen is that as Nick Morton’s entry is specifically mentioned and he has been “well represented” in the voting we should acknowledge that in some way. My proposal is that the Chair should take Nick Morton to lunch when they are next in the same city. The Chair has agreed to that, so Nick Morton please get in touch with Nicholas Gruen and let him know your availability.

  4. 2009 July 11

    As I said to Brian lunch with me is second prize and two lunches with me could well be third prize. (Ben C having already won first prize which got him out of any lunches with me. )

    But Brian is right, we should acknowledge Nick’s design with an honourable mention – and at least one lunch with me should he fancy it (my shout). Email me if you fancy the idea Nick.

  5. 2010 April 24
    Madeleine Kingston permalink

    Hey Guys

    I’m captivated. By the Faceless Bureaucrat.

    Forgive me if I am leaving anyone out. I am a latecomer.

    Would the designer of the graphic in Mia Garlick’s “The Faceless Bureaucrat” please stand up to be counted?

    I love this graphic. I visit if often. It is a wordless essay. Who needs words?

    It has style, strength (though its strong colours and posture), oomph, passion, mystery, solitude (faceless nameless, facing a difficult and thankless task – join the ranks, even non-bureaucrats feel that way,

    Defiance (catch me if you can,

    I have no name or face, you will never see me or speak to me, but I help run the nation’s affairs; being faceless and nameless you can never blame me for what I have done or not done – sometimes I wish I could take responsibility for something, alas no one knows what I have achieved, how long it took, I move silently through endless corridors, attend endless meetings, contemplate policies; take the blame for everything and credit for none.

    Can you figure out who I am and what I represent from my garb – fabulous costume don’t you think? Or are you one of those who needs to engage eye to eye to look into the soul? Do I have a soul? Do I look like Dorian Gray? How does anyone know I have a soul? Would I sell it to the Devil? Would it matter if no one knows who I am or what I look like (see Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde)

    (19th century Oscar Wilde, Irish actor, artist, dramatist, poet, wit, philosopher, satirist, much misunderstood in his day, died alone in prison in a climate of intolerance and prejudice – made a lasting literary impact. Oodles of personality, spohntaneous, self-indulgent, generous, loyal and extravagant

    I encapsulate the concept of escapism whilst conveying the message of the misunderstood, under-appreciated and under-estimated.

    Am I accountable despite being faceless? You tell me.

    Catch me if you can.

    Name yourself, graphic artist.

    Visual communication is one of the most powerful tolls of communication. If you get it right, no words are needed.

    If you get it wrong, words cannot compensate. Or can they?

    Congratulations nameless and faceless graphic artist.

    Can’t top lunch with Nicholas Gruen – but can say I am captivated.



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