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Round Two Project Proposals: The Fine Print

The following terms and conditions apply to the Taskforce’s round two projects. For archiving purposes we are still providing access to the round one projects terms and conditions.

Submitting Quotes

Quotes should be brief (no more than five pages and preferably less) and should contain the following information:

  • details of the individual/company providing the quote
  • names and qualifications of key people who will work on the project
  • a brief description of your capabilities/credentials to undertake the work, including past experience doing projects of a similar kind or in a similar area and contact details for two referees who can verify your claims
  • a brief description of you proposed approach to the project, including key project milestones and methodologies you intend to use
  • a breakdown of key areas of expenditure for the project
  • what contribution (financial or services) you are willing to make to the project
  • the name and phone number of the authorised person for further enquiries
  • any potential conflict of interest that you wish to declare

Quotes can be submitted by email to

Terms and Conditions

In submitting your quote, you need to be aware of and agree to the following key terms and conditions:

  • Only Australian resident individuals and corporate entities are eligible to quote for the projects. Multi-national companies and their local subsidiaries are welcome to quote for the projects as long as they are willing to fund the project themselves.
  • The projects will be funded from the Project Fund, and you will be required to enter into a contract based on your quote with Microsoft Australia. The contracts will be standard perform a service get paid ones without any tricky clauses. We want the contracts to be signed quickly so expect that you will be able to do so.
  • All prices quoted must include any incidental expenses and be inclusive of GST.
  • The intellectual property of project outputs will transfer to the Commonwealth of Australia when the Taskforce disbands. All outputs from projects will be published by the Taskforce in the public domain under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Use license Australian variant 2.5 or similar open licensing arrangement for any computer applications/software. Make sure you have sufficient legal ownership/control of anything you intend to include in project outputs. Please do not include anything that is subject to commercial sensitivity or privacy concerns.
  • An authorised representative of the bidder needs to be available for 3-5 days after the closing date for quotes to respond to enquiries about your quote and (if you are successful) sign a contract with Microsoft.

There will, of course, be other fine print you will need to read, but the rest can wait until the successful bidders have been selected and the contracts are awarded!

Other Contributions and Project Ideas

As stated previously, the Australian Government welcomes contributions by private organisations or individuals to the Project Fund or to the Taskforce’s work generally, so if these are not the projects for you and you want to donate your expertise and/or services please send your proposal to If you have an idea for how to spend the project fund then you are welcome to submit it on the same email address. Please clearly identify it as such a project and it will be considered in the next round of projects.

3 Responses
  1. 2009 September 17

    “There will, of course, be other fine print you will need to read, but the rest can wait until the successful bidders have been selected and the contracts are awarded!”

    A comment: it is preferable to have proposed terms available as early as possible, as there are sometimes things in ‘the fine print’ which turn out to be important enough to change the viability of the proposed arrangement, for some potential collaborators or some projects. This is especially so where the process is run at high speed. So it’d be better practice to have all the fine print visible from the start.

    Cheers, David

  2. 2009 October 3
    Phil permalink

    SIGN A CONTRACT WITH MICROSOFT !!! Is this so called Government stupidly limiting itself to Microsoft ?? Most successful blogs run on other technologies, in fact you subscribe to two majors and they don’t run on MS. I know and have worked on several previous government projects that have failed pathetically and cost the taxpayer ridiculous amounts of money, just to get up and running. I am reading todays current article in the AFR confirming this. Your are also limiting yourselves with the South East Asia regions, in sharing ( selling) technology and joint communications. These regions are not MS focused at all. I am also amazingly reading your whole of Government agreement with MS. To limit web2.0 development does not take into consideration an ‘open’ platform. With the rising use of mobile phones, e-pc etc with most of these not running on ms, your are limiting the use of your developments. To force smaller australian development groups to code in garbage and use dated, expensive unreliable software, you are limiting your applications and functionality. I will follow this with keen interest and raise further questions with my member of parliment. I will also ask him to look into one particular local government migration to crappysoft. This “fine print” is a joke !!!

  3. 2009 October 7
    Nicholas Gruen permalink


    You’re comment got moderated by the system for some reason and hasn’t been released for several days. Sorry.

    However your comment is pretty wide of the mark. The money has been lying in what we’ve now called ‘The Project Fund’ for some considerable time. The question is whether we use it (which necessitates agreement with Microsoft) or not. Your choice.

    Well actually it was our choice and I’m happy with the choice.

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